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Raised or Owned Herd Sires. 
Moore Hydro 952
Styles Exchange Rate V661
Moore Capitol
Styles Exchange Rate 2.jpeg

Moore Hydro was the $25,000 top-selling bull on our 2020 sale. He is a 7/S Splash son out of an impressive, 4- year old Rocky dam, who has sold two progeny at auction averaging $27,500.  This bull catches your eye from across the pen, and will certainly add style and eye appeal to his calves. We used him heavily this past summer and cannot wait to see progeny. Being an outcross bloodline, he will be an absolute game changer in our program. 

Reg #: 19615167


BW +2.1

WW +76

YW +152

Milk +42

He is one of our proven and favorite herd sires, our pick from the Styles 2017 bull sale. Maternal brother to Styles Upgrade. Full brother to Styles Cash R400. 

He offers moderate birth weights with excellent growth and structure. This bull is an absolute meat wagon, with a stout, sharp and impressive phenotype. He's earned his keep on the ranch, his calves are easily some of our favorites.

Reg #: 18521803

BW   -2.1

WW   +59

YW    +107

Milk   +26

Moore Capitol was our 2019 top seller to Wagonhammer Angus. He is backed by a powerful Moore 902 dam. Our 902 cows are never miss cows and some of our favorites around the ranch. His sire Capitalist 028 has proven to make sound, easy-fleshing cattle. Capitol's offspring will be full of power, and are sure to be extraordinary females. We are excited to see the future of this young sire. 

Reg #:19315023

BW +1.2

WW +75

YW +137

Milk +25

Moore 902- Focus 008
345 Vision Angus.jpg
Moore Substance 31 "241"
KR Hitch 

This powerful herd sire is the result of mating our 902 herd sire with our 008 cow, a PV Moore Style daughter. His calves have unmatched growth and muscle. We have a big run of first calf heifers out of him, raising some of the top calves on the ranch. His calves are very easy-fleshing, easy-doing cattle with excellent feet and legs. It is rare to find a bull that will truly sire such remarkable females and put as much power as he does into his bull calves. This bull will leave a significant mark in our program. 

Reg #:17574813  


BW   +.8

WW   +75

YW    +134

Milk   +29

This bull was raised by a superb cow family. He has proven to be a powerful female-maker.  Additionally, his bulls have consistently sold at the top of our sales.

Reg #:17305199


BW   +3.4

WW   +70

YW    +107 

Milk   +23

We purchased Hitch at the 2018 Krebs Ranch Dispersal sale. We are very excited about this herd sire. Hitch is a standout Black Granite son out of a Moore Beef dam. He is a moderate frame bull with tons of  width, length, and capacity. It is rare to find a bull who does so many things right in terms of producing top-notch females, maintaining eye appeal, while possessing balanced carcass traits.

Reg #:18238324  

BW   +3.4

WW   +69

YW    +120

Milk   +23

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KR Mojo 8520
VAR Power Play 7018
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