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 Customers, Family, & Friends--


Welcome to Moore Angus! As a third-generation family farm, we are excited to bring you this year's stellar offering of bull calves.  We would like to personally extend an invitation for you to stop by anytime to look at the cattle and talk "bull" with us. 

THE GOAL:   To continually produce cattle with quiet dispositions, powerful maternal abilities, overall soundness, and notable performance. We focus on raising productive and high-performance females that possess great genetics; they are the makers of impressive bulls! 

As many of you know, the performance of a bull can and will affect your herd

for the next 20 years.  Moore Angus bulls have both the phenotype and genetic

profiles that make a positive influence for decades to come. By taking this

opportunity to upgrade your herd's genetics, we strongly believe you will

maximize your operation's profitability. We guarantee that you will be

impressed with this year's highly effective, uniform set of bulls. 

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our past customers for allowing us to do

what we love. If you are looking or attending your first Moore Angus sale, we

hope to earn and keep your trust. 


Jerry & Pam

Dillon, Harley,Jade & Ryder

Brennan, Rachelle  & Cierra

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