Moore Angus 33nd Annual Performance Sale, March 21th, 2017, 1:10pm CST, at the farm, Artesian, SD.  Selling by video display, bulls will be in pens outside for viewing, like always. 
Al Conover, Auctioneer,        Storm date:  3/28/17, 1:10pm

DVAuction will be open for online bidding, you must pre-register a couple of days prior to sale for book keeping of your account!!! 

UPDATED info will be here online, as of the end of Febr., many bulls have changed their YW EPDs.  Catalogs will be mailed the end of February-early March. 

Selling 55 yearling ANGUS bulls and 11 fall yearling bulls .  Top bulls were LD50K tested to improve their EPD accuracy.  The fall bulls have a YW from coming straight off the pasture.  They were moved closer to home and feed silage and concentrates-this is the weights found in the comment section.

Welcome to Moore Angus, a family run operation.   Jerry and Pam with daughter, Rachelle (age 22), and son, Dillon (age 19).  

605-527-2395  - Home,   Jerry's cell- 999-3681,  Pam's cell- 999-3684,   Dillon:  999-9225,   Rachelle:  999-7399

 The goal of our Angus Program:   To identify efficient cows without sacrificing calf weights and to produce carcass quality cattle that finish at 13 months of age.   Moore Angus has achieved, for many years now, to be Johnes Certification Free, Level 5  status, #027, and has monitored by blood testing, our herd to be negative for Bovine Leukosis and BVD types (1 and 2) without any clinical signs of disease.   We work continously to maintain our herd's health, which is a top priority for us.  

We pride ourselves on having cattle with quiet dispositions, good maternal abilities, soundness, and performance.

We hope you enjoy the cattle we produce for you and stop by and look at the cattle anytime. 

Production and Performance: this is what we continually strive to keep in our cow herd - they are the makers of great bulls! 

We have tested the cows and bulls that could have possibly carried any of the gene defects known to us at this time.   Arthrogryposis muliplex (AM), CA (fawn calf), and (DD)-developmental dystrophy.  To the best of our knowlege and  all testing done to this date.  If a carrier is to be sold, it will noted in the catalog.

Catalogs will be in the mail the beginning of March with ALL the data.  If you feel you have not gotten your catalog, please call and I will get another one out to you, ASAP!  These web pages will include all the performance data as in the catalog, once we get the final measurements taken the end of Febr..  Questions, call or e-mail me.



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